Inspired by the angles and points of the star, I decided to do a jumpsuit to accentuate the points on the human body. I also incorporated the colors of the fading night sky, using purples, blues, and navy throughout the design. The lights and the train are for dramatic effect, to capture the audience's attention and illuminate the theme. 

This knit jumpsuit was the show opener for the stars segment, and was comprised of many different components.

The jumpsuit itself was made out of a spandex/polyester four-way stretch knit. A knit sloper had to be made using exact measurements from the model, including crotch depth, knee circumference, waist arch, etc. The deep v-neck was covered by the silver knit, and a star was seamed into the legs in the same fabric. There is a waist seam, where a four-layer train emerges and trailed behind the model as she walked. There is a deep

v-shaped back, that was finished with a self-binding. Each sleeve is comprised of two layers, and the sweep at the hem measures 60 inches. There are 20 feet of lights hand sewn into each sleeve, with the battery packs hidden at the back pant darts under the train. The hem of all layers of the train and sleeves were hand rolled, and topstitched by machine.

This ensemble was completed during the second semester, junior year.


Advanced Patternmaking


Jumpsuit: Knit Sloper

Skirt: Draping


Spring 2018


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